Here is what’s in my bookmarks list, what podcasts are on my iPhone, and what tools I use. The list changes all the time, because the world no longer stands still. Check back often!

Take back you life!

GTD – Getting Things Done

Drowning in post-it notes? Never ready for meetings? Waking up in the middle of the night when you remember what you didn’t do the previous day? GTD to the rescue! Clear your head and know you’re in control of all the ‘stuff’ in your life. Want to know more? Wikipedia has a good summary.

No Brown Days

If you feel like the weeks and months are slipping by and want a better way to allocate where you’re spending your time, this is it! I’ve been self-employed for years, and I’ve used this system from the start. It gives me the confidence to take time off, spend time learning and going to conventions, and still spend enough time ‘making a living’ to actually make a living. It’s super-simple and only takes only a few days a year to use.

Blogs, Podcasts, Photographers websites, and Twitter posters I follow

John Michael Cooper: alt-f (I saw his session at WPPI 2010… amazing!)
David Hobby: Strobist (@strobist)
Zack Arias: One Light Workshop (@zarias)
Ree Drummond: (the food posts alone are worth it… :)

Broadcasts (Dane Sanders)

Move the needle of your business ahead just a little every week. Plus super motivational; I met Dane first at WPPI 2010, and again when he came to Calgary for a Fast Track Photographer roadshow.

Usually every Tuesday afternoon, and free rebroadcasts if you miss ‘em.

[b]school Study Hall (Becker)

I met [b]ecker in the fall of 2009 in my first workshop ever. In one of those moments of serendipity, I had Googled ‘wedding photography that doesn’t suck’ when I wanted to know what modern wedding photography looked like, as opposed to the grey-and-dusty-rose, mullet filled images from my ’80’s youth…. I saw, and I was hooked, and a month later I found he was coming to town. Super nice guy.

Usually every Thursday afternoon… replays are inside the [b]school, which is a friendly place to hang out and ask questions of other wedding pros. The twitter / chat room is always fun to follow during the shows, and ask questions to @thebschool

update: If you haven’t heard, the [b] school got a major upgrade / facelift in January, 2011. The site is super-fast now, and has a lot of functionality to make it a way more social experience. Nice!

Workshops I’ve never attended (on my to-do list…)

Mike Colon: The Seven Workshop

I have his DVD’s and like his simple, honest approach to business and photography. I’m going to have to set aside an ‘OMG this workshop was just announced’ fund to attend one.

Kenny Kim: Portfolio Plus

Looks like fun, and the locations are amazing. But like other workshops, I need to have a drop-everything-and-travel fund set aside.


Lighting: Alien Bees

I own their ringflash, the ABR800, and it rocks as a ringflash and main if you are travelling light and have AC power.


X-Rite (I hope to pick up the colorchecker passport in the next 24 hours… and do a review… stay tuned!)

Datavision I have a the older Spyder 2 Express, and it does the job of keeping brides looking great. Must-have tools.


Apple (specifically the Apple Canada refurb store!)

I’ll never edit on a small screen, or Windows, again. The 27″ iMac is the tool for imaging. And I was a Microsoft MCSE, once upon a time. Put that in your pipe, Bill.

Digital Imaging:

Pentax Canada

Isn’t it funny that the most common accidental insult to a photographer with a big fancy camera is “Hey, I bet that thang takes some suh-weeeet pickshures!” (uhmm, ya, the photographer has nothing to do with it…) – but at the same time the gear-bashing that goes on between some Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, and Sony owners can be so intense. They are all cameras, and they ALL take the same pretty pictures.

I just happen to like Pentax; nice glass, weather sealing, and in-body SR. My main camera body is the Pentax K20D, and my backup body is a K10D. But progress is a fickle thing; the K10D, although older, is a bit faster, and has less low ISO noise. So I use both.

Film Imaging:

Diana F+

blackbird, fly

Pentax K-M

Software and Tools

Adobe Lightroom and Jeffrey Friedl’s Blog for his zenfolio uploader plugin (among other things… he just keeps publishing good stuff!)

Two more Lightroom related blogs / resources everyone needs to know about:

Julieanne Kost – She works for Adobe but also has a ton of Lightroom tips on her own page.

Lightroom Killer Tips – More Lightroomy goodness.

Totally Rad Actions (for Lightroom) – I don’t own this kit, but the aesthetic is awesome. (not the blog site, the software site)

Zenfolio hosts my portfolios and my client proofs, and does my photo hosting and print fulfillment; sign up with my referal code (X1V-31U-ZJR) for a $5.00 discount!