Istanbul – Part 2: My Faves

Last time I posted a few of my favourite iPhone 4S shots. I think they look a little better on the smaller (but sharper) Retina screen, so it’s time for a few of my favourite shots from ‘a real camera’. I put the ‘real camera’ bit in quotes because I think an iPhone, in not-too-challenging conditions, is a great combination of camera and photo editing machine for the traveller.

I used an iPad with the Camera Connection Kit to edit some of my images from my big camera at the end of every day for Facebook, and it made a good secondary backup for storage… but it still has a few (minor) limitations. So it wasn’t until now that I could post all of my faves.

There are backstories to every image; I wish I had time to write it all down! For now, just browse what you like.

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