Olivia and Jeremy

Olivia and Jeremy had one of those simple, elegant weddings I wish more couples would go for. The day is always less stressful when there is less to go wrong, so everyone looks fresher, happier, and it really shows in the images. And to be selfish, it means there is usually more time for quality photography, instead of trying to squeeze 15 minutes out of 20 family members at a location 30 minutes away in Calgary traffic. But their day was terrific, and everyone got to church (and dinner) on time.

The plan was successful because it was so simple; start with the girls as they got ready;  meet up with a great group of friends and family gathered for a catholic ceremony at Our Lady Queen of Peace Church,  and then drinks and dinner in the mountains at Riverside Chateau, right on the river in Bragg Creek. They even picked out the greatest weather to have!

I decided that at least for this blog post, that most of the bride and bridesmaids preparation images should have that retro look I like… but more on that later.

Let’s set it up: The girls are spread around the house in their PJ’s, getting ready and taking their turn with the make-up artist downstairs. In fact I think the entire maternal side of the family is here, pulling together flowers, bouquets, and my favourite: fresh coffee!

So I have lots of time to pick a spot next to a window to do the details shots…











Now, remember when I said I’d do most of their images in the retro style for this blog? I think retro is a fun thing, but it’s probably not what you want all your images to look like.

In fact, the proof images that the brides see after the wedding look ‘normal'; I often only do one or two images in different styles to give them a feeling for where I could go.

Compare these images below by hovering your mouse over them, and notice that Olivia looks much better when she looks like Olivia :)




Although the retro look can give that ‘magazine photo spread’ feel to the images, it can really change how we remember the details, like the bright greens in her bouquet, here:



Ok, let’s finish getting her ready and get her to the church…




Now let’s fast-forward to the reception; let’s get the portraits done before all those thirsty guests arrive! I really like having a schedule like this one, because no one is distracted by guests arriving, getting the reception set up, wondering where the cake is… talk about a relaxed bunch!



Ok, ‘relaxed bunch’ is probably an understatement… they couldn’t help but ham it up with little-to-no prompting. I’d love to see this printed as a 24×36 poster for their anniversary party…


Brides and bridesmaids always look best when 1) they aren’t squinting into the sun and 2) you draft the tallest member of the party to hold a reflector over everyone and cast some shade.


Now we move away from the nearly blinding reflections at the river and into the trees for the bride and groom portraits. Shhh…. did you hear that? Was that a bear?


And now more retro-film look for the last images… back at the river:



And one more image just for them… they had a trivia contest in the form of a crossword puzzle, so everyone could get to know each other as they swapped stories to fill in the answers. Here are some anxious faces learning if they are first team to answer all the questions correctly… turns out some of them knew Olivia and Jeremy pretty well… and crosswords can be filled in pretty creatively… ;)




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