RAWR! Loktah Packaging!



Loktah. Their stuff looks and feels great. It’s a very unique, silky smooth to the touch, but still a rough looking hand-made paper. Below is an 8″x8″ album and DVD case, which fit nicely in the gift box behind them. The box will fit a collection of prints, too.

Sure, it’s not for everyone. But you aren’t ‘everyone’, are you?

The 8x8 album (left), DVD case (right), and gift box (rear).

The gift box. Hand made - every one is one-of-a-kind.

Everything is natural, right down to the red coral tie bead.

The album and DVD case in the gift box - plenty of room to spare for prints.

All the items use a wrapped tie to close. Simple.

The DVD case, tied shut. Every bead is just a bit different.

DVD's won't fall out; the inside flap keeps the disc safe.

The tie on the album is the same. Although the cover edges have a simple, unfinished look, the binding and print quality are amazing.

The pages lay perfectly flat so images can printed full-spread, and even the matte white paper shows crisp, vivid color and detail.



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