WPPI 2011 – First Thoughts



This is what I woke up to on Thursday morning, the last day of WPPI. It was a perfect day in Vegas, and a great sunrise. It occurred to me that I’d been really lazy about actually photographing the city much (er, at all…), but these colors really jumped out at me.

All that was left to do was eat, pack up, and head to the Conference Center one last time. Although there were platform classes still going on, I decided to head to Photographers Ignite. Last years was pretty entertaining, so the bar was set pretty high.  I wasn’t disappointed; the speakers were all great, and I even heard a few new ideas.

The group photo at the end was a little bizarre; I was distracted by this loud deranged person trying to use a point-n-shoot, but I did manage a quick over-the-head grab shot before I got trampled by her. This isn’t quite everyone, but at least I resisted the urge to make a panorama… ;)

I haven’t gone over my notes yet, maybe I will tomorrow, but for me this shot really captures a whole lot of WPPI in one frame. Here exists excitement, emotion, technical excellence, business savvy, and tremendous creativity.

Even more, that good ideas aren’t that rare, and that some doggedness (and good shoes) can get you there.


See you in 2012, WPPI!

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  1. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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