Sarah and Shaun

I’m a little tardy on posting this one… I had their sneak peeks up on facebook for them a week ago, but not everyone is on facebook… yet. So for everyone else; Sarah and Shaun.

As you can see, July 31 was their date. Canmore was the place. And the weather forecast was totally wrong. Instead of thunder & lightning we had fantastic weather!

Sarah and Shaun got married at Quarry Lake, overlooking Canmore, right below Ha Ling peak. Not some random spot in the park; but right on the sandy shore of the little lake.

They did just about everything right that you could think of; I attribute that to Sarah being a planning genius, and Shaun, being a military man, was about as squared away as they come (do they still say that nowdays? :). I didn’t plan on staying late, but I did. I hung out with them after the light faded; the reception and guests had a group camp site with a nice fire just down the road from their cabin at Rafter Six. I’d go back there any day!

Here is a sneak peek into their day: